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Phone:  517-339-8249
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Bart Wegenke, Principal
Diane Newman, Associate Principal
Darin Ferguson, Associate Principal/Athletic Director
Front Office Administrative Assistants:
Amy Fossum ~ Cindy Cusack

Haslett High School

Summer Office Hours

 June 27-30 8:00-12:00

   July 1-8 Office Closed

                       July 11-28 8:00-12:00 (Mon.-Thurs.)





Registration for the 2016-2017 school year is Wednesday, August 17th in the High School Cafeteria. You will receive an E-Blast the first week of August with forms to print at home (forms will be available in the front office if you are unable to print at home).  The forms should be filled out and brought to school at the designated time (below).  You will receive your handbook/planner, have your photo taken for the yearbook and receive a student ID. Our food service department will be taking lunch deposits during registration.

Registration Schedule:


9:00-10:00a.m……Freshman and New Students

*10:15-10:45……….Freshman and New student meeting: In the main gym.This is an opportunity to meet our Administrators and learn about expectations and high school life~parents are welcome to attend.



Haslett High School Senior Portraits


Senior photo time is upon us! In order to make the yearbook production process easier and photo quality stronger, we ask that photos fit the following specifications.

Photos should be in Full Color and in digital format. We will accept actual prints, but prefer digital.

• Images MUST be 300 dpi jpegs. This is crucial to good quality reproduction.

• Digital image dimensions should measure 1.167 x 1.5inches(or 7x9 picas).. Remember that if the head size is exceedingly small, the student’s face will not be as visible. Please crop to appropriate dimensions.

• If your student opts not to have his or her portrait taken from an outside-of-school professional photographer, please consider dressing nicely for the photo taken at registration. The quality of the photos works well for the yearbook.

• While we will accept the background of your subject’s choice (including outdoors), please understand that ultra-cluttered backgrounds will not be pleasing and that revealing poses or poses including props will not be accepted. Keep in mind the size the photo runs in our book. A head and should pose is preferred.

• Professional portrait photographers generally take responsibility for getting the photo to the yearbook staff. Please communicate with photographers regarding this.

 Deadline for senior portraits is Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

Ways to submit photos:• Go to www.hjeshare.com and upload photos to a web storage site. To access the site, type in the school code hhs3956 and follow directions from there. You can watch a video that will give you specific directions on how to upload. Before uploading, please name your file: senior portrait_student name . The site will be used for uploading other types of photos, so it is key that you indicate the images are senior portraits.

• Save images to a CD and deliver it to the high school. Please include a list of whose photo is on the CD.

*Mail CD or prints to Juli Price Dixit Yearbook, Haslett High School, 5450 Marsh Road, Haslett, MI. 48840.

Any questions about photos for the for the Haslett yearbook may be directed to HHS email priceja@haslett.k12.mi.us 




Your graduation photo is now available to view and purchase at:


password: LMHASLETTHS16

Video brought to you by the HHS Black Student Union



Use of Electronic/Personal Devices:  Personal Electronic Devices (PEDS) are defined as any laptop, smart phone, cell phone,

Tablet, music player, personal digital assistant or any other device with inbound/outbound communications capabilities.


Classroom at teacher discretion  

Before or after school hours

During passing time



Teacher(s) that do not permit them for use

Substitute teacher(teacher discretion: must be in teacher sub notes)



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